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Cocktail Kit Zeus Silver



For this Cocktail Kit Zeus Silver we've gathered 5 top of the line bar items, carefully choosing the best equipment to make your high-end cocktails!

Cocktail Kit Zeus Silver is made for every professional bartender seeking high quality and elegance without compromise. Be ready to mix your most refined cocktails.

This kit contains: a high-quality and elegant Parisienne Shaker Zeus; a fine and solid Tattoo Mixing Glass with its refined incisions perfect for the stir and strain technique; a Bar Spoon Muddler Lumian to mix perfectly; a Hawthorne Strainer to pour and filter vintage cocktails; one elegant stainless steel vintage Giove Jigger with different capacity - to accurately pour and measure quantity of liquid.

Cocktail Kit Zeus Silver contains 5 amazing stainless steel and crystal glass tools with the following details:

Parisienne Shaker Zeus:

  • Capacity: 900 ml
  • Material: stainless steel

Mixing Glass Tattoo:

  • Height: 160 mm
  • Capacity: 65 cl (22 oz)

Lumian Muddler Bar spoon:

  • Length: 28 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel

Jigger Giove Lumian:

  • Capacity: 30/60ml
  • Length: 8.7cm
  • Weight: 120g

 Lumian Hawthorne Strainer:

  • Length 20.5cm
  • Weight 160g

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  • 12,90 €
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    Lumian Giove Jigger is an elegant stainless steel vintage jigger with a 30 and 60ml measurement. Available in 5 different models that are plated differently. Lumian Giove Jigger is an elegant...

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    Lumian Muddler Barspoon is a classic stainless steel barspoon with a small muddler on the other end of it. Available in 5 differently plated models. Lumian Muddler Barspoon is a classic...

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    Lumian Hawthorne Strainers is a stainless steel strainer which comes in 5 differently plated models giving them different yet elegant styles. Lumian Hawthorne Strainers is a...

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    The Parisienne Shaker Zeus is a 900ml 2-piece stainless steel Shaker. Available in 4 different models with 4 distinguished colors. The Parisienne Shaker Zeus is a 900ml...

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    Mixing Glass Tattoo combines an elegant shape and refined incisions together with brilliance and transparency criteria. A real jewel for your bar counter that will make the mixing operations a feast for the eyes. Mixing Glass Tattoo combines an...

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