Portable Bars

Our most comprehensive bar station. In 150 cm of space, it has everything you need, including a sink and faucet. Suitable for bars, restaurants, hotels, catering, beach establishments, and any venue, as it can be integrated into an existing bar counter. It can be used outdoors as it is completely detachable. You can add options like wheels with brakes and a trolley bag for transport.

Do you like working outdoors but can't do without running water?No problem, choose the Workstation Professional and select the Water Pump Kit as an option.Once connected, simply fill one of the two tanks with water and insert the pump tube: when you open the tap, the water will flow as if connected to running water. All liquids that end up in the sink will then drain into the other collection tank.

Incredible as it may sound, yes, it is a cardboard station and weighs only 7 kg. Its structure is designed to be very resistant to weight and impacts, so much so that you can sit on it! It consists of 4 pieces of special cardboard and basins (included), easily assembled in 5 minutes thanks to an efficient interlocking system and simple step-by-step instructions.

Not everyone has the opportunity to invest in a permanent workstation if its use will be occasional or sporadic.

It is an economical cardboard station that will revolutionize your life in all situations where you would have wanted a low-cost Disposable workstation.

Clearly, it is not truly a disposable product; in fact, it is durable and treated against rain! It has a lifespan ranging from 1 to 12 months, depending on its usage.

Portable Bar Workstation transformable into a trolley suitcase. A revolution for the Bartender sector!

Made of high-quality material, coated with a phenolic surface that makes it water-repellent. Essential, safe, and functional, this counter also includes a station with containers for fruit, ice, and a speed rack with a capacity of about 10 bottles.

In just 60 seconds, with 5 steps, you will be able to set up your professional station without the use of additional tools or materials.

Furthermore, you save not only time and money, but also a lot of space, as when closed, the cocktail counter occupies only 27x80x70cm, and you will no longer have transport problems related to bulkiness, you can transport it even in a smart.

It is a counter without sinks, with a smooth surface, perfect for events, hotels, catering.

"Make your customer feel like a guest
and not a client"

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Bar Organizer
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90 cm

From € 1079,00


great for starting out

7-10 DAYS

depending on the destination

120 cm

From € 1390,00


basic professional

7-10 DAYS

depending on the destination

150 cm

From € 1925,00


with tap and sink

7-10 DAYS

depending on the destination


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The perfect counter for your business Mobile Bar In just 60 seconds , with 5 steps, you will be able to set...

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