Lumian Japanese Jigger


Lumian Japanese Jigger is a stainless steel jigger available in 2 different sizes and 5 different plated colors. Versatile, elegant and eye catching! This is an indespensable instrument used for measuring and making classic and vintage cocktails, guaranteeing an accurate amount of liquid.

Size 1 15/30ml:

  • Capacity: 15/30ml.
  • Height: 9.5cm.

Size 2 25/50ml:

  • Capacity: 25/50ml.
  • Inside Measurement: 15/35 ml.
  • Height: 11 cm.

Size 3 30/60ml:

  • Capacity: 30/60ml
  • Inside Measurement: 15/22,5/37.5/45 ml
  • Height: 12.3 cm

It is recommended not to wash in a dishwasher to avoid the outer plating from being ruined.

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