Speed Bottle Store'n Pour (Different Colors)


Speed Bottle Store'n Pour is a container for keeping juices and pre-mixes. Available in 7 different colors. Great for quick pouring to prepare your cocktails. Comes with hermetic seal to prevent unnecessary spillage. Resistant and trustworthy. Easy to clean and unlike most products, dopes not have ridges where mold can fester.

Bottle Dimensions:

  • Capacity: 1L.
  • Weight: 191g.
  • Height: 35cm.
  • Base diameter: 100cm.

This Speed Bottle is useful for: Store'n Pour, known for its pouring tip which easily regulates the flow and amount of liquid that you pour with extreme precision. A ribbed neck for a more comfortable grip. Hermetic seal to help with precise pouring and to prevent any uneccessary spillage. Easy to clean. Attachable pouring tip.

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rating Speed bottle ottima
Daniele N. on 25/06/2018 Buon prodotto ed ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo. In generale trovo i vostri di buona fattura ad un prezzo giusto.
rating Ottima
Fabrizio B. on 10/03/2017 Essendo plastica all'inizio si fa un pó di fatica ad avvitarle ma per il resto fa il suo lavoro!! Davvero ottima attrezzatura!!