White Stainless Steel Whipped Siphon


White Stainless Steel Whipped Siphon is a siphon with a detachable valve. Its stainless steel body is ideal for preparing molecular solutions also for whipped ingredients. Eclusively used for cold froths. Dishwasher friendly. Place in a head-down vertical position within a fridge. Shake well 3-4 times before serving.

This order includes:

  • 1 straight tip.
  • 1 tulip tip.
  • 1 tip for froths.
  • 1 cleaning brush.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity: 25 - 50 - 100 cl

Types of Siphons.

The siphon is an ideal instrument for cooking as well as molecular mixology. There are two kinds of models:

  • N2O Siphon Chargers: is a siphon for making whipped cream and all kinds of other creams both hot and cold.
  • CO2 Siphon Chargers: is a siphon charger for carbonating normal water into sodas. This is an ideal tool for making Spritz and all other kinds of cocktails. A perfect substitute for store bought seltzer water.

Siphon chargers are ideal for both your kitchen and bar equipment. There are many diverse kinds of recipies for making whipped creams, mousse, carbonated froths and molecular cocktails.

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