Tattoo Cobbler Glass 29cl (6 per package)



Tattoo Cobbler Glass 29cl (6 per package) is made of Luxion Eco Crystal Glass, famous for its enhanced brilliance, absence of colour and transparency criteria.

This Tattoo Cobbler Glass combines an elegant shape and refined incisions which makes it perfect for serving vintage cocktails or any other drinks.


  • Material: LUXION ecological glass
  • Capacity: 29cl
  • Manufacturer: RCR glasses
  • 1 Pack = 6 glasses

LUXION ECO CRYSTAL GLASS (material that can be 100% recycled in the glass market)is highly resistant, dishwasher-safe (tested for over 4000 professional washes without opacification) , which guarantees maximum level of gloss and transparency without the use of bleaching agents and highly polluting agents.

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