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Smoking Gun Set



In the Smoking Gun Set you will find everything you need for smoking food and cocktails. This set is composed by a Smoking Gun Sage, a Bell jar equipped with a convenient valve and a pack of Wooden Curls (smoking chips) containing 4 boxes of different flavors.

Excellent for molecular cooking and for cocktails, this set is ideal for smoked drinks, cocktails and even foods.

The Smoking Gun Set comes with: 

  • 1 Affumicatore Smoking Gun Sage in metallo alimentato a batterie (230 grammi - 19x12cm)
  • Campana per Affumicatura munita di Valvola
  • Confezione di Riccioli di Legno 4 Aromi: Mesquite, Hickory, Oak, Cherrywood.

Details Smoking Gun Sage:


  •      Main Chamber - L: 122mm x W: 46mm x D: 46mm
  •      Handle - L: 110mm x W: 41mm x D: 34mm
  •      Smoking Tube - L: 105mm x W: 10mm

Requires 4 AA batteries

This Smoking Gun is made of metal and allows you to smoke and flavor cocktails, meats, fish, vegetables and more. Simply fill the combustion chamber with the flavored wooden curls to smoke, light the smoker and direct the smoke into a closed container. 
The small size, low weight and battery power make this Smoking Gun a portable smoker perfect for any molecular chef or barman who wants to juggle the molecular mixology.

Details Smoking Bell Jar 


  • Height: 28.2 cm
  • Diameter: 13 cm
  • Material: glass

The practical opening valve is specifically designed to work with Polyscience and Sage smoking guns. The bell jar is handmade in perfectly finished Pyrex, resistant to high and low temperatures, and dishwasher safe.
Fill the bell with smoke and serve food or cocktail smoked in a mysterious cloud. You won't just add flavour to your cocktail, you will also add a touch of mystery to your drinks that will amaze your customers. 

Dettagli Riccioli di Legno 4 Aromi

Wood Chips for Smoking comes with 4 kinds of different aromas/wood for inserting in a smoking gun to flavour your cocktails.


  • Cherry (to get a sweet and fruity flavor)
  • Oak (it's a classic, perfect for a smoky flavor)
  • Mesquite (fto get a  bold smoky flavor with an almost bitter finish)
  • Hickory (to get a strong bacon-like flavour)

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