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Strong Cream N2O chargers



Strong cream N2O chargers contain 20 capsules for your cream siphon. They hold 8g of N20, inside sterilized and recyclable steel iSi capsules.

Simply insert a charger inside and observe feel the gas being unleashed. Shake well and remove the charger. Place the protective cap over it and enjoy!

  • Quantity: 1 package of 20 pieces
  • Material: Recyclable Stainless Steel chargers, completely sterilized
  • Producer: iSi Siphon

Types of Siphons

The iSi siphon is an ideal instrument for cooking as well as molecular mixology. There are two kinds of iSi models:

  • N2O Siphon Chargers: is a siphon for making whipped cream and all kinds of other creams both hot and cold.
  • CO2 Siphon Chargers: is a siphon charger for carbonating normal water into sodas. This is an ideal tool for making Spritz and all other kinds of cocktails. A perfect substitute for store bought seltzer water.

Siphon chargers are ideal for both your kitchen and bar equipment. There are many diverse kinds of recipes for making whipped creams, mousse, carbonated froths and molecular cocktails.

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