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Bartender's Aging Cocktail Kit



Bartender's Aging Cocktail Kit is a kit specifically used for aging cocktails and creations. Conserve your homemade preparations, liqueurs and cocktails.

The kit comes with a chestnut wood barrel for aging, a prized whiskey opera bottle to keep your final product in, and vintage old fashioned glasses to drink from.

This is an indispensable kit for go-getter creative mixologist!

The specific products in this kit are:

Chestnut Wood Barrel 2 Lt

  • Material: Chestnut
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Length: 22cm
  • Diameter on the top: 12cm
  • Diameter on the bottom: 16cm

Six Old Fashioned Opera Glasses

  • Capacity: 30 cl / 10,5 oz
  • Height 94 mm
  • Material: glass cristallo

Whisky Opera Bottle

  • Height: 189mm
  • Capaciy: 75cl / 25,36oz

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  • 45,00 €
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    Chestnut Wood Barrel 2L is an ideal barrel for aging distilled beverages and cocktails! Comes equipped with a pedestal, spigot and stopper. Chestnut Wood Barrel 2L is an ideal...

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  • 16,80 € 24,00 € -30%
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    This package contains 6 Old Fashioned Opera Glasses made from refined crystal and decorated for a vintage look. Ideal for drinking straight liquor or cocktails served neat as well as cocktails which are served on the rocks. This package contains 6 Old Fashioned...

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  • 19,95 € 39,90 € -50%
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    Whisky Opera Decanter is an elegant vintage container ideal for keeping and serving whisky in. Whisky Opera Decanter is an elegant...

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