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Black and Steel Bar Set



Black and Steel Bar Set comes with 8 tools some of which are balck matted varnished steel and others which are stainless steel.

This bartender kit comes with the following:

  • Black Matted Stainless Steel Shaker 28oz - 80cl.
  • Non-balanced Boston Shaker 20oz
  • Black Matted Stainless Steel 4-Prong Strainer.
  • Stainless Steel Trident Bar Spoon 28cm.
  • Black Matted Stainless Steel V-Rod Opener.
  • 3 Stainless Steel Metal Pours.
  • Black Ribbed Muddle.
  • Mojito Cover.

Each of these items is an essential tool for a bartender to have.

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  • 9,73 € 13,90 € -30%
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    This Mixing Tin has a special coating fused with its steel body to improve grip and give it an extremely elegant black matte look. This Mixing Tin has a special coating...

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  • 2,25 €
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    Black Mojito Cover made of polycarbonate material is an ideal tool for preparing mojitos and other similar cocktails: it's used to avoid touching the serving glass with your bear hands and to prevent spillage. Black Mojito Cover made of...

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  • 5,40 €
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    Trident Bar Spoon 28cm has a spiral handle with a spoon on one end and a trident fork on the other, used by Bartenders for mixing. Trident Bar Spoon 28cm has a spiral...

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  • 0,97 € 1,49 € -35%
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    Stainless Steel Speed Pourer attaches itself to the neck of a bottle and is used for pouring liquors and distilled beverages quickly and precisely. Stainless Steel Speed Pourer attaches...

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    Non-balanced Boston Shaker 20oz, also known as a half tin, is an inseperable item from a bartender. Non-balanced Boston Shaker 20oz, also...

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  • 6,90 €
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    Black Matted V-Rod Opener is a bottle opener which is used frequently by Freestyle Bartenders for opening beer bottles quickly and to remove metal pours easily! Black Matted V-Rod Opener is a bottle...

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  • 5,90 €
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    4-Prong Black Matted Strainer is a gadget used to remove ice from liquids when pouring from a boston shaker or normal glass into a serving glass. 4-Prong Black Matted Strainer is a...

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  • 2,73 € 3,90 € -30%
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    Ergonomic Ribbed Muddler comes in 9 different colors! Perfect for muddled drinks like Mojitos and Caipirinhas. Ergonomic Ribbed Muddler comes in 9...

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